W.A.K.O. K-1 / Low Kick World Championships 2013 / by Mark Greubel

   In 2013 WAKO Team USA Kickboxing traveled to Sao Paulo, Brazil to compete in the K-1/Low Kick world championships. 6 of the 12 competitors on the team were from MY GYM, Greubel's MMA, in Augusta, GA. We have many forms of martial arts instruction that we give at Greubel's MMA like, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and MMA, but kickboxing happens to be my specialty.

Brazil WAKO.jpg

  I am pictured above at the far right. In the testimonials section you can here what BRONZE MEDALIST Jimi Wilson had to say about my coaching ability right >>>HERE<<<. Pictured above was the team that competed that year. Jimi is 2 spots to the left of me in the black long sleeve shirt. I could write a long piece on my experiences on that trip, but i happened to make a video of it. I think it sums up the experience very well. check it out! 

No other kickboxing tournament in the WORLD is as prestigious, or has as many participants from different countries competing for TRUE WORLD TOURNAMENT TITLES! WAKO IS THE WORLD's largest kickboxing sanctioning body, and it's world tournament actually has the top kickboxing talent in the WORLD competing in it's amateur tournament.