Team USA Kickboxing vs Canada Nashville, TN Sept. 30 2017 / by Mark Greubel

  Team USA Kickboxing Wins VS Canada 4-1

   Saturday, Sept. 30 in Nashville, TN Team USA Kickboxing put on a stellar performance against the Canadian National K-1 team. IWGA 2017 Bronze Medalist, Omari Boyd was the main event. Adam Poore was the Co-Main Event. Ashley Accord, Steven Summers, and Shane Streator also competed against the Canadian National kickboxing team that evening. This WAKO sanctioned event was broadcast to 110 million homes and steamed live via the internet. 

   Team Canada was coached by former professional world champion, Muzammal Nawaz. "Maz" is known globally for his amazing Canadian kickboxers he produces. He is a coach that consistently produces world class athletes. The team he brought to Nashville was strong, but this time the Americans were prepared and ready for war! 

Adam Poore before.jpg

   I happen to personally coach one of the Americans,Adam Poore, (pictured above) at my gym in Augusta, Georgia, Greubel's Mixed Martial Arts. Adam was the 4th Team USA vs Canada bout that evening. He would represent our country in the 147 LB. K-1 rules division. Adam has been training with me for a few years now, and his transformation as a student to world class athlete has been nothing short of amazing. Adam used to be 250 lbs!!! That right, he lost more than 100 LBS! When he first joined the gym he was overweight and out of shape, but he was very determined to be good at kickboxing. I remember specifically in one class he seemed frustrated that he wasn't kicking like everyone else.  He was already a karate brown belt before he came to my gym, but boxing and Muay Thai was foreign to him. I said to him, "Adam it's important that you learn the Thai style of kicking, but it is also important that you don't abandon what you are already good at.". He seemed relieved and though he still worked on his Thai round kicks he was happy to know that his karate style was not frowned upon. 

   Adam worked hard for several years at his boxing and Muay Thai Round kicks. He struggled initially to clean his punches up. After years of dedication, hard work, and proper guidance his boxing proficiency and his low kicks started to become dangerous. People started noticing all the titles he was racking up. Lots of the coaches I saw at tournaments over the years would comment on how much Adam had improved. Here are a few of the titles he accumulated through the last few years.... 3X I.K.F. World Classic winner, 2X W.K.A. North American Glory rules champion, multiple time W.A.K.O. medalist, etc. Pictured below is a recent photo of Adam Poore before his fight in Nashville, TN. Adam is a shining example of what hard workd, dedication, discipline, proper training, coaching, and a supportive team can do for you. 

#X IKF kickboxing champion WAKO kickboxing medalist Adam Poore After.jpg


WAKO USA vs Canada Adam right hand.jpg


Slipping the powerful punches of Teshay and answering with authority!

      Adam would go on to win his fight on T.V. against a game Canadian. He is now now scheduled to fight in Budapest, Hungary in the W.A.K.O. World Championships next month.

WAKO USA vs Canada Adam Axe Kick.jpg


Adam Poore landing a brutal AXE KICK to opponent, Teshay Gouthro in Team USA VS Canada event in Nashville, TN.


His performance solidified his position on this years team and also landed him a sponsorship with OPACO International. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I'm gonna put Augusta, GA on the map for kickboxing! Congratulations Adam! I can't wait to see what the future holds for you! 

Adam Back kick.jpg



Adam lands a spinning back kick to the face!

VICTORY!!! This is what happens when you have the right attitude and the right coach!

VICTORY!!! This is what happens when you have the right attitude and the right coach!